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Year-end round-up

December 23, 2008

Next year, I'm aspiring to take Merlin Mann's advice and consolidate my naked acts of self-promotion down to an occasional monthlyish update, in hopes of finding more compelling things to write about. So in the interest of starting 2009 with a clean slate, here's a quick round-up of some recent goings-on:

Starting next month, I'll be taking on a new role at the New York Times as Director of User Experience and Product Research. I'll be managing a team of talented researchers in exploring how to engage users (a.k.a. "readers") in evolving the Times' digital experience. This is a new position, so part of the assignment involves puzzling out what the job really means - when and if I figure that out, I'll say more about it here.

A few weeks ago, my old teacher Richard Anderson asked me whether I'd be interested in helping out with the recently relaunched Interactions, SIG-CHI's bimonthly magazine for user experience designers and their professional ilk. So, starting with the next issue, I'll be joining the masthead as editor of the (P)reviews section. First up: a review of business-themed design books.

In other news, I'm happy to announce that I've accepted Liz Danzico's invitation to join the faculty at the School of Visual Arts' new Masters' Program in Interaction Design. Starting in the Spring of 2010, I'll be teaching a course in Research Methods (fortunately, I'll have the better part of a year to figure out what that means).

OK, that's enough ego-flogging for 2008. Starting next year, we'll see whether I can come up with anything more interesting to write about.

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